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order oxycontin 80mg


Oxycontin 80mg

If you are looking for order oxycontin online. We have provide cheap oxycontin no rx. No prescription for buy oxycontin 80mg online. You can easily get oxycontin 80mg online overnight shipping.

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order oxycontin online

You can now easily order oxycontin online without prescription in USA and Canada states. No rx for cheap oxycontin online. If you buy oxycontin 80mg online then you get instant discount. We have branded pills of oxycontin no rx online.

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Pill with imprint OC 80 is Green, Round and has been identified as OxyContin 80 mg. It’s supplied by Purdue Pharma LP.

OxyContin is used within the treatment of chronic pain; pain and belongs to the drug class narcotic analgesics. FDA has not classified the drug for risk during pregnancy. OxyContin 80 mg is assessed as a Schedule 2 drug under the drug Act (CSA).

oxycontin no rx

Imprint: OC 80
Strength: 80 mg
Color: Green
Size: 11.00 mm
Shape: Round
Drug Class: Narcotic analgesics
Pregnancy Category: N – Not classified
CSA Schedule: 2 – High potential for abuse
Labeler / Supplier: Purdue Pharma LP
National Drug Code (NDC): 59011-0107

cheap oxycontin

OxyContin is an opioid agonist and a Schedule II controlled substance with an abuse
liability similar to morphine.

Oxycodone can be abused in a manner similar to other opioid agonists, legal or illicit. This should be considered when prescribing or dispensing OxyContin in situations where the
physician or pharmacist is concerned about an increased risk of misuse, abuse, or diversion.

OxyContin Tablets are a controlled-release oral formulation of oxycodone hydrochloride indicated for the management of moderate to severe pain when a continuous, around-the-clock analgesic is needed for an extended period of time.

OxyContin Tablets are NOT intended for use as a prn analgesic.

OxyContin 80 mg and 160 mg Tablets ARE FOR USE IN OPIOID-TOLERANT PATIENTS ONLY. These tablet strengths may cause fatal respiratory depression when administered to patients not previously exposed to opioids.

Oxycontin tablets are to be swallowed whole and are not to be broken, chewed, or crushed. Taking broken, chewed, or crushed order oxycontin tablets leads to rapid release and absorption of a potentially fatal dose of oxycodone.

oxycontin 80mg online

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